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Depictions of Circe (top to bottom: Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses, Circe Invidiosa, and The Sorceress)John William Waterhousec. 1891, 1892, and 1911

The Sonic Journey of Alan Lomax: Recording America and the World



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American Routes follows the journeys made by folklorist Alan Lomax as he documented the diversity of the traditional music of America, in the face of what he felt was the increased threat by popular “monoculture.” We’ll look into Lomax’s work as a sound recordist, cultural theorist, radio host and above all, shaper of 20th century pop culture through his discoveries.

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(by Daniel Řeřicha)
hawkmoth, 2012. 
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Deep in the forests of Ukraine live two spritely photographers named Tania and Roman who work together in perfect harmony under the name Synchrodogs to create some of the most surreal, confounding, intriguing, and beautiful photographs of naked people we have ever seen. We’ve featured them in the magazine before, but we’re showcasing their work again because: 1) They’re great, and 2) They just released a new monograph on Editions Du LIC entitled Byzantine. Above are some choice cuts from the book, but you should definitely pick up a copy, too, because they are gorgeous, and you can show them to your future children and explain how interesting Mommy and Daddy were when they were younger.
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